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Secure Data Engineering & Insightful Analytics

We empower the healthcare and financial sectors through state-of-the-art data engineering and insightful analytics, all while strictly adhering to industry standards. Our custom solutions harness the full potential of data, ensuring paramount security and compliance with HIPAA and SOC 2 data standards.

Customized Data Engineering

We excel in engineering data to fuel meaningful insights. Through expert utilization of SQL and Python, and by leveraging platforms like AWS and Azure, we efficiently structure and optimize data to serve as a robust foundation for reporting and analysis.

Advanced Analytics & Modeling

Harness the power of data with cutting-edge analytics and machine learning models. We specialize in creating and optimizing models that enable smarter decision-making, revealing opportunities for cost savings and enhanced efficiency.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Illuminate your data. Our expertise in tools like Tableau, Looker, Domo, and Metabase allows us to create stunning, real-time visualizations that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

Transformative Data Engineering, Analytics & Visualization

Discover comprehensive data solutions with Savvbi, where we merge bespoke data engineering, sophisticated analytics, and dynamic visualization to unlock the full potential of your data. Our proficient team employs cutting-edge technologies such as SQL, Python, AWS, and Azure to meticulously engineer and optimize data for incisive reporting. Leveraging machine learning models, we drive astute decision-making and pinpoint cost-saving opportunities. Through the adept use of Tableau, Looker, and Metabase, we craft stunning real-time visualizations that empower stakeholders with actionable insights. Rest assured, security is at the forefront of our operations as we adhere to stringent HIPAA and SOC 2 standards.

Cloud-Agnostic Data Solutions Across Diverse Databases and Platforms

At Savvbi, we pride ourselves on our versatility in handling data across various cloud environments including public, private, and hybrid clouds. We are adept in managing and processing data in a myriad of databases such as Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Google BigQuery, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, and Azure Synapse Analytics. Our proficiency extends to working with structured and semi-structured data, ensuring the seamless integration and transformation of data from disparate sources. Recognizing the criticality of real-time data access, we develop APIs for streamlined data retrieval and interaction. Additionally, we harness the capabilities of cloud-specific services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon Fargate to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and reliability. Beyond the technical aspects, we understand the essence of data-driven financial reporting. Our tailor-made solutions align with your business goals, ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting that abides by regulatory requirements and helps in strategic decision-making.

Unlock the Power of Your Data Today

Our experts are eager to tailor solutions that will propel your business to new heights through intelligent data engineering, analytics, and visualization.

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