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Data Engineering Solutions with Savvbi – Unlock Insights

Our Services

At Savvbi, we specialize in delivering comprehensive data engineering solutions designed to drive business transformation. Our expertise spans across various critical areas, ensuring your data infrastructure is not only robust but also compliant with industry standards like HIPAA and SOC2. Our data engineering services are at the forefront of technological innovation and compliance.

TLDR: Data Engineering Solutions

  • Savvbi provides robust data engineering services either in a full-time or part-time capacity. We can come on an ongoing basis as a member of your data engineering team to help with data engineering projects, or for a single project e.g. implementing data pipelines or setting up data lakes. We will help your data operations with data processes, data processing, advanced analytics, data architecture, data governance, data quality, data pipelines, raw data and data science.

  • Savvbi helps with data sources // data collection, data migration, data ingestion, big data and streaming data. We can work with internal teams and stakeholders, or be the data architects

Data Engineering and Analytics

Data Modeling and Warehousing: Scalable and Secure Solutions

At Savvbi, we understand the crucial role of a robust data warehouse in successful data management and analytics.

Our data engineering experts specialize in architecting scalable, secure data storage solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of modern businesses. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies in distributed computing and computer science, we ensure high availability and security of your data, making it a dependable foundation for all analytical tasks and informed decision making.

Data Integration and Pipeline Architecture: Seamless and Efficient

Effective data management starts with seamless data integration.

At Savvbi, our data engineering consulting services focus on developing robust data pipelines that integrate data from multiple sources with high efficiency and minimal latency. These pipelines are designed to support both batch and real-time data processing, allowing businesses to gain real-time insights and react to market changes swiftly. Our data engineers employ the latest best practices in data pipeline architecture to ensure that your data flow is both smooth and scalable.

ETL Processes: From Raw Data to Valuable Insights

Utilizing state-of-the-art ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools, or ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), our data engineers transform complex raw data into a structured format that is ready for analysis.

At Savvbi, we don’t just handle data; we refine it to ensure that the quality and integrity of your data are maintained throughout every step of the process. This meticulous approach allows us to extract valuable insights that are crucial for strategic planning and decision making.

Data Migration and Business Analysis: Integrity and Insight

Savvbi’s data engineering consulting doesn’t stop at data handling. We also provide comprehensive data migration services that ensure the integrity of your data throughout the transition process. Our data analysts work closely with your team to understand your business needs and tailor our strategies accordingly.

By combining expert data migration with in-depth business analysis, we deliver insights that foster growth and operational excellence.

Data Governance and Quality Management: Ensuring Excellence

Data governance is integral to the services offered by Savvbi. We implement stringent data quality management frameworks to govern the collection, storage, and usage of data, ensuring compliance with both legal and ethical standards.

Our data engineering experts are proficient in creating policies that enhance data reliability and usability, safeguarding your information assets against risks and ensuring consistent quality.

The Role of Data Lakes in Distributed Computing

In addition to traditional data warehouses, Savvbi excels in setting up data lakes that are designed to handle the vast amounts of unstructured data typical in big data environments. Our data lakes facilitate the storage and analysis of data in its native format, providing flexibility and scalability that are essential in distributed computing contexts. This capability allows our clients to leverage all their data without the constraints imposed by traditional data warehousing solutions.

Why Choose Savvbi for Your Data Engineering Needs?

Choosing Savvbi means partnering with a leader in data engineering and analytics who can truly transform your data into a strategic asset.

Our team of data engineers and data analysts are not just skilled in technology and analytics but are also deeply committed to understanding and aligning with your business objectives. Whether it’s ensuring high availability of your data systems, providing real-time insights, or supporting informed decision making, Savvbi is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of modern data management.

Graphic display of data engineering solutions at work with data visualization

Data Infrastructure and Data Pipelines

Data Platform Development and Management:

We design and deploy robust custom data platforms that streamline data management, process data, and enhance data processing capabilities. Our platforms are built to handle both structured and unstructured data, ensuring your data assets are fully leveraged for strategic decision-making.

Data Pipeline Architecture:

We specialize in constructing data pipelines that facilitate the smooth and efficient flow of data from ingestion to visualization. Our solutions are tailored to integrate seamlessly with existing data warehouses and data lakes, optimizing your data processing workflows for maximum efficiency.

Data Lake Implementation and Management:

Implementing data lakes that serve as centralized repositories for all your organizational data, structured or unstructured. Our data lake solutions emphasize scalability and accessibility, allowing you to manage vast amounts of data effectively and with ease.

Real-time Data Processing Solutions:

Our team provides solutions that support real-time data processing, enabling you to react to business events as they occur. This service is crucial for businesses looking to implement dynamic and responsive business strategies.

Data Migration and Integration Services:

We offer comprehensive data migration services to ensure that your transition to new platforms is smooth and loss-free. Our integration solutions allow you to consolidate data from various sources, making it easier to access and analyze critical business information.

These services are designed to empower your organization with a comprehensive infrastructure that supports all aspects of data handling and analysis, driving your business forward with data-driven insights and strategies.
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Powerful of Data Science

Data Science and Predictive Analytics

At Savvbi, we leverage data science to transform raw data into actionable insights. Our data scientists apply advanced analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms to build predictive models that help businesses anticipate market trends and customer behaviors. This proactive approach ensures that our clients not only keep pace with their competitors but also lead the way in innovation and efficiency.

Data Warehouses and Data Management

Data warehouses are pivotal in the data science ecosystem, serving as the backbone for analytics and decision-making processes. Savvbi designs state-of-the-art data warehouses that consolidate diverse data sources into a single point of truth. This integration facilitates complex data analytics, enabling data scientists to perform deep dives into data and extract meaningful insights that drive business objectives.

Market Research and Customer Experience Enhancement

Savvbi’s market research services are powered by sophisticated data analytics that uncover patterns and preferences in customer behavior. By understanding these dynamics, companies can tailor their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers, significantly enhancing the customer experience. Our data-driven strategies ensure that every business decision is informed and targeted, leading to faster insights and a competitive edge.

Machine Learning and Automation

Machine learning is at the heart of what we do at Savvbi. Our data scientists develop automated systems that learn from data, adapt to new circumstances without human intervention, and make decisions with minimal oversight. These capabilities allow our clients to automate routine tasks, optimize operations, and focus on more strategic activities that align with their long-term business goals.

Overcoming Data-Related Challenges

Savvbi is dedicated to solving complex data-related challenges that businesses face today. Whether it’s managing large volumes of data, ensuring data quality, or integrating disparate data systems, our comprehensive solutions help streamline operations and reduce overhead. Our team is skilled in navigating the intricacies of data science, from initial data collection and data ingestion to the deployment of refined analytics models.

Empowering Businesses with Faster Insights and Strategic Decision Making

In today’s fast-paced market, the speed at which insights are derived and acted upon can be the difference between success and failure. Savvbi’s data science services are designed to provide businesses with faster insights, enabling them to make quick, informed decisions that enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

With Savvbi, you can trust that your data and analytics needs are being handled by experts who are committed to achieving your business objectives. Our tailored solutions ensure that your company not only meets the demands of today but is also prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Let us help you harness the full potential of your data with cutting-edge data science solutions.

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Compliance Knowledge, Tools, and Methods

Compliance and Security

Our team understands needs

  • HIPAA Compliant Code: Writing secure code that meets all HIPAA requirements for handling sensitive health information.

  • SOC2 Compliance: Ensuring software and processes are in line with SOC2 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality. Our commitment to SOC2 compliance underlines our dedication to secure and reliable data engineering services.

  • CCPA Compliance: Creating and fulfilling the regulatory requirements of California, Virginia, Colorado and Utah. We can help your firm be compliant with these requirements, or if your firm is applicable.

Technologies and Tools

Our team is proficient in a wide array of languages, tools, and software, including:

  • Programming Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript

  • Database Management: MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Snowflake, BigQuery

  • Cloud Services: AWS (EC2, ECR), Azure (ECR, Container Services), DBT Cloud

  • DevOps: Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions

  • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes

  • Version Control: GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLabs

  • Business Intelligence Tools: Metabase, Looker, Tableau, Power bi,


Our data engineering methodology is designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and scalability:

  • Data Strategy and Architecture Design: We create strategic data roadmaps and architectures that align with your business goals, focusing on scalability and integration.

  • Data Quality Management: Implementation of stringent data QA checks ensures the accuracy and reliability of your data assets.

  • Advanced Data Processing Techniques: Leveraging the latest techniques in data manipulation to handle large volumes of data efficiently and effectively.

  • Real-Time Data Processing: Our systems are equipped to process and analyze data in real-time, enabling immediate insights and actions.

  • Data Governance Practices: Establishing strong data governance frameworks to manage data access, integrity, and compliance effectively.

  • Automated Data Pipeline Creation: Automation of data pipelines to ensure efficient data flow from collection to consumption.

  • Performance Optimization: Continuous monitoring and optimization of data systems to ensure they operate at peak performance levels.

This methodological approach ensures that our data engineering services not only meet the current needs of your business but are also poised to adapt to future demands.

We can help

Our holistic approach to data management and analytics ensures not just the alignment of your data strategy with business goals but also compliance with critical data protection and privacy laws. Let Savvbi empower your data to drive your business forward with our specialized data engineering solutions.

Embarking on a project with complex data needs? Contact Savvbi today to learn how our data engineering solutions can transform your data into actionable insights and fuel your business’s growth. Our team is ready to tailor a solution that fits your unique needs, leveraging our deep expertise in data engineering, compliance, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Engineering Services  icon

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Engineering Services by Savvbi

What are the core data engineering services offered by Savvbi?

Savvbi provides a range of data engineering services including data modeling and warehousing, data integration and pipeline architecture, ETL processes, data migration, business analysis, and comprehensive data governance and quality management. These services are designed to enhance your data infrastructure and enable informed decision-making.

How does Savvbi ensure compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and SOC2?

Our data engineering solutions are built to be compliant with critical industry standards. We write HIPAA compliant code to handle sensitive health information securely, ensure our software and processes meet SOC2 standards, and help businesses meet CCPA regulations across multiple states, thereby ensuring data security, availability, and confidentiality.

What technologies and tools does Savvbi use in its data engineering processes?

Savvbi utilizes a variety of cutting-edge technologies and tools including programming languages like Python, SQL, and JavaScript, database management systems such as MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and cloud services like AWS and Azure DevOps. We also employ DevOps tools, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, and business intelligence tools like Metabase and Tableau.

Can Savvbi handle real-time data processing?

Yes, Savvbi specializes in constructing data pipelines that support both batch and real-time data processing. This capability allows businesses to gain real-time insights and react swiftly to market changes, enhancing dynamic and responsive business strategies.

What is the role of data lakes in Savvbi’s data engineering services?

Savvbi excels in setting up data lakes that store vast amounts of unstructured data typical in big data environments. These data lakes provide the flexibility and scalability necessary for distributed computing, allowing clients to leverage all their data without the constraints of traditional data warehousing solutions.