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Our Services

At Savvbi, we’re dedicated to unlocking the potential of your data, offering a suite of services designed to transform raw data into a strategic asset for your business. Specializing in the healthcare, IT, software, and mobile app sectors, our approach ensures your data is not just compliant but a cornerstone of your success.

How Savvbi Can Help

  • Data Strategy: Converting business objectives into data-driven goals for cohesive organizational alignment.
  • Data Infrastructure & Ingestion: Crafting and deploying the right data tools for a scalable and robust data foundation.
  • Data Transformation: Refining raw data into structured formats for clear, actionable insights.
  • Machine Learning & AI: Utilizing advanced algorithms to predict trends, understand user behavior, and inform decisions.
  • ERP System Integration: Ensuring seamless data flow between ERP systems for operational efficiency.
  • CRM & ERP Systems: Streamlining processes and enhancing customer relations with optimal CRM and ERP solutions.
Data integration and visualization in action, showcasing Savvbi's expertise in healthcare and IT data solutions

Our services are rooted in a deep commitment to data security and compliance, with expertise in SOC2 and HIPAA standards, ensuring your data is both safe and powerful.

Data Integration and Visualization

Whether you’re looking to integrate various software versions securely or visualize data for insightful analysis, Savvbi offers customized solutions:

Data Integration Solutions

Seamlessly connect disparate systems with our cloud-hosted or locally deployed data integrations, tailored for security and compliance.

Data Visualization Services

Make informed decisions with our visualization services, using tools like Looker, Metabase, Tableau, and more. Not sure which tool is right for you? Let us guide you to the best fit for your organization.

Ready to transform your data into a pivotal business asset? Contact us today. Discover more about how our services can meet your specific industry challenges and drive your organization forward.

Learn more about how we can prepare and visualize your data with Metabase.

With Savvbi, navigate the complexities of data compliance and insights with ease, leveraging our expertise to secure a competitive edge for your business.

About Savvbi: A leader in healthcare, IT, software, and mobile app data solutions, Savvbi integrates sophisticated data engineering and reporting with stringent compliance standards like SOC2 and HIPAA, to bring you actionable insights and secure data management.